For the best experience of the art scene in Montreal, the art gallery is probably the first point of exploration. The artworks on exhibition carry strong, meaningful interpretation and can also be a significant form of creative motivation to art lovers.

This article is poised at highlighting the different art galleries that can be found in the lively artistic city in Montreal, Canada.

Galerie De Bellefeuille

This gallery is located at 1367 Greene Avenue, Montreal, Quebec. This gallery started as an all Canadian gallery and now turned international. Owners, Helen, and Jacques de Bellefeuille, both pushed to showcase the rising Canadian talent artworks alongside top-tier artists from the international scene. This art gallery has its artistic work displayed in a very friendly and equally artistic gallery. The gallery walls have also held top-tier works throughout its existence.

Fresh paint Gallery

This gallery is located at 221 Ste Catherine E. It was founded by the International Convention of Graffiti Under Pressure. The Fresh paint gallery exhibits freshly finished artwork by its exhibiting artists. This gallery has a particular focus on the importance and beauty of street arts which is mostly portrayed. This gallery also does beautification arts for the city in various locations spread across the beautiful city of Montreal.

DHC Fondation Pour L’art Contemporain

DHC Foundation for Contemporary art is a breadth taking non-profit gallery that annually offers a wide range of long-lasting exhibits. The most interesting part of all these is it is totally free of charge. This gallery sits in two amazing heritage buildings located in Old Montreal. Strategically located at 451 & 465 St-Jean Street, you will most definitely fall into a trance with the beautiful artwork and the winding streets made of cobblestone that beautifies this historic neighborhood, in the beautiful city of Montreal.

Phi Center

This gallery that has almost everything artistic housed in it is located at 407, Saint-Pierre Street. The gallery’s honorable long-term goal is to improve the accessibility of creative and art. Their gallery houses almost everything art from movie screenings of arthouse films to the dining area for events, one of the city’s most cherished place to hear local and international DJs, and interactive exhibits. They host tons of events almost every weekday, and there is definitely going to be an event happening that will excite just about anybody.


This non-profit gallery is all about supporting emerging talents. It is home of Concordia’s finest work from the Faculty of Fine Arts teachers and students. Students are in charge of everything that goes on at the FOFA, and the gallery sometimes offers internships and grants for promising and creative artists. This gallery is located on 1515 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest.

To Wrap It Up

For most of these galleries, they are more interested in the exhibition of art to everybody for the beautification it creates. They are also much invested in the exhibition of artworks of different talented people in the creative city of Montreal.