The contemporary artworks of artists have found a home all over Canada in different contemporary art galleries. These contemporary arts have given voice to different important dialogue in its own artistic manner.

These defining galleries have in one way or another supported the curation of contemporary artworks and Canadian artists. These galleries are the top destination for the exhibition and display of artworks.

Art Gallery of Ontario – Toronto

This art gallery prides a 90,000 work of art, the famous Frank Gehry designed building which is built in a perfect downtown location in Ontario Canada. This gallery spans all type of arts. These showcased art spans through six permanent collections. These artworks are a must-see for art lovers in Canada.

The gallery also features music and many more during art exhibitions.

Clint Roenisch Gallery

This gallery was officially opened in 2003 close to the popular Museum Of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) in Toronto. It represents a cross-generational artistic selection of artworks which comes in various forms ranging from installment, film, painting, and sculpture. This gallery has also been the venue of several leading personal exhibitions in Toronto, Canada hosted by international artists.

Will Kucey Gallery

2003 saw the launch of this gallery in the Portugal neighborhood of Toronto. This gallery was poised to revealing youthful, mid-career, as well as emerging artists, who are creating a pathway for professional representation and need to showcase their own creative piece.

Over a short period, the gallery has created a solid reputation for itself. It has also help portray artworks from different artists who include Nicholas Di Genova, Benjamin Oakley, and Tristram Lansdown.

Angell Gallery

This gallery is known for supporting artists with little exposure. Artists who are just emerging or upcoming artists are given opportunities to exhibit their work of art.

The gallery involves itself in giving exposure to artists who go an extra mile in their artwork. The portrayed work of art in this gallery is always thought to stir and dialogue provoking, challenging social norm which should be challenged on morals.

This gallery has been involved in removing the limitations that face contemporary art by exhibiting high-quality works that challenge the curator as well as the artists. The artworks portrayed within Angell Gallery are in numerous medium like painting and sculpture, as well as recent video and digital art using an exhibition simulator with a two-part design.

Stephen Bulger Gallery

This gallery was founded by Stephen Bulger in 1994 while he was at the Ontario College of Art and Design working as a Technician. Since its startup, the Stephen Bulger gallery has hosted more than 150 art exhibitions focused on historical, contemporary, and international photographs.

The gallery boasts of more than 15,000 images, with a keen interest in historical photographs and documentary from within Canada. Though the gallery features collectors of different levels, it specializes in offering advice and working with new buyers.

In conclusion

These contemporary art galleries have shown genuine interest in the work of upcoming and mid-level artists in Canada. Their basic focused exhibition is poised with presenting works of arts that challenge social norms that go against social morals.