With the help of a brokered collaboration between the Montreal Museum of fine arts and the Francophone Association of Doctors in Canada, a patient diagnosed with a range of medical ailments will be allowed free entrance into the premises of the gallery. This free visit also covers their family and friends to gain in the benefit of arts on health.

According to the MMFA director, he stated that arts stimulate neural activities. He also stipulated that contact with culture portrayed through art can help the well-being of people.

An afternoon outing for patients to the art gallery and museum is definitely a mood boost and distraction for pain.

The museum prescription and visits

During this medicinal project, physicians will be prescribing up to 50 different visits to the Montreal Museum of fine art. Each free pass will be valid for two minors and two adults.

Many doctors have signed up for this alternative type of treatment for their ailing patient. This will obviously foster for a better and practical way of stimulating neural hormones rather than the boring hospital ceiling counting exercise bored patients go through in the hospitals.

Benefits of this program

The program main aim is to help ailing patients alternatively stimulate neural hormones. This is achieved by engaging with culture and art in a friendly and surreal artistic and creative environment.

Patients are also going to be in direct contact with other people who are there to interact with the exhibited arts.

The physical activities of the patients will prompt a normal level of relaxing and feel good hormone. These activities can help the patient feel fewer pains and reduce stress, depression and various forms of anxiety.

This experience is hoped to help the patient (with the help of the physician and family members) escape from their pain and give them a reliever.

Other use of art for medicinal purposes could include but not limited to;

  1. Patients participating in art relieves stress
  2. Art encourages creative thinking
  3. It boosts the patients’ self-esteem
  4. Provides a sense of accomplishment
  5. The interaction with art makes patients more emotionally interactive

So, what’s the time-frame for this program?

This prescription initiative is set to run for just over a year in order to test its effectiveness and real use to the medical line. Since it is the first of its kind anywhere in the world, it is expected to go through a test phase sort to determine its effectiveness.


Creation of art creates a sense of distraction from the trouble the creator may be facing. Definitely, the reason behind many actions differs, the use of art for medicinal purposes has many benefits as listed above.

Being involved in a creative endeavor brings out the creative aspect of humans which makes interconnectivity of certain organs in the body occur. The best part of this sort of interaction is that it definitely reduces the stress level of the creator. It also fosters for an increased level of concentration and mental activity, which is a viable way of increasing neural activity in the brain.