The beauty of arts cannot be possibly overemphasized. For die-hard art lovers, the beautiful city of Canada has a lot in store for its people and tourists who yearn for art in Canada.

If you are hoping to explore the cultural art exposure in Canada, this article is the perfect guide to fantastic art galleries in Canada.

Ontario Art Gallery – Toronto

This art gallery prides a 90,000 work of art, the famous Frank Gehry designed building which is built in a perfect downtown location in Ontario Canada. This gallery spans all type of arts. These showcased art spans through six permanent collections. These artworks are a must-see for art lovers in Canada.

The gallery also features music and many more during art exhibitions.

The Power Plant Gallery –Toronto

This gallery is known for its contemporary arts, and it is one of the leading and well-known art galleries in Canada. It is located at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto.

This gallery offers a wide range of contemporary arts together with free tours and speaker series. Along with the waterfront view just outside of the gallery, the art lovers are always left mesmerized by what they see inside and out of the gallery.

Vancouver Art Gallery

If you’re talking about Western Canada, this gallery holds the record as the largest art gallery. The Vancouver art gallery has a wide range of collection ranging from contemporary and historical paintings to photographic works, sculpture and graphic works.

Vancouver Art Gallery

This gallery sits in what used to be the provincial courthouse. The permanent artwork which includes more than 11,000 artworks. Most remarkable works in its collection are Emily Carr’s collection.

In addition to the art gallery exhibition, the gallery plays host to the international touring exhibition.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

This art gallery is the provincial art gallery and the largest in Nova Scotia. It is located in Halifax with a branch in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. In its private collections, the art gallery has over 17,000 art pieces. This includes carvings of Inuit stone, folk arts of Nova Scotia, and classic portraits. This gallery is poised to play out the Nova Scotia perspective of Canadian art.

In June of 2013, the gallery acquired the collected works of photographer Annie Leibovitz, which included the iconic image of Yoko Ono and John Lennon.

 Art Gallery of Alberta

Formerly named the Edmonton art gallery, you can find the art gallery of Alberta in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. This art gallery is public and boasts of over 6,000 artwork which ranges from contemporary paintings, installation works and photographs by Canadian and international artists and sculpture.

The building was originally designed in 1968 by Don Bittorf as a brutalist building. The art gallery recently had a face life which cost a whopping $88 million by designer Randall Stout Architects.

On the final note

The above galleries have one thing in common; they portray Canadian beautiful artwork. They also pride themselves in the display of international artworks by the international artist for the awe and appreciation of art lovers.