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“The CACGV has provided me wth a tremendous opportunity to display my work as an emerging artist.  The quality of the exhibitions has elevated my work.”  ---Heather Allen


“The CAC is the glue that holds the community artists together. We aren’t much into doing things together in Victoria, but one thing we can count on is the CAC.”  --- Robert Amos


“Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria provided me with the very first opportunity to publicly display my paintings and from that point on, I ventured with confidence along my creative path which has taken me places where I could have only dreamed of being just short few years prior. Thank you for continuing to be the avenue of expression for so many artists in so many disciplines and for encouraging the greater Victoria community to embrace the artful living. Communities that embrace art in all its forms are thriving, healthy, joyful communities, where all members of the community benefit by living in an overall a more caring and nurturing environment.”  --- Vedrana Ashcroft


“The CACGV is an excellent supporter of emerging and established artists.  The venue is excellent for showing art to a diverse audience.” ---Frances Baskerville


“The Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria allows me to meet with other artists and widen my creative community. I am also able to get my work out to the public in a way that is accessible and affordable.” --- Alaina Baskerville-Bridges


“The CACGV is important to me for least three reasons.  The CACGV unites all the major art themes in greater Victoria and is the most important inter-disciplinary organization in the city. Secondly the CACGV unites us across the generations where younger people can learn from senior artists.  Thirdly CACGV is one of the few organizations that offers opportunities to all, ranging from professionals to very junior or new artists.” --- Charlotte Bell


“It provides an outlet for artistic talent in all media.  Great for socializing also.”  --- Paul Bennett


“The Community Arts Council provides support, venues, and advertising for many artists in the community who would not otherwise have the exposure to the public. I appreciate the variety of art that is supported and the open availability for all of the public to view and enjoy it.”  -- Patti Bey


“CACGV allows a wide variety of artists the opportunity to exhibit their work. It builds a sense of community and support for other artists and provides much needed resources for the fine arts community.”  

--- Tony Bounsall


“As an emerging artist in Victoria, the Community Arts Council has afforded me the opportunity to present my work in various venues around town.  The exposure I have received through the CACGV has encouraged me to keep painting.”  --- Richard Brown


“CAC offers opportunities for emerging artists, info on art shows, and a sense of community.”

--- Christina Dawne Burron


“The Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria provides a valuable service to the general public as it encourages participation and appreciation.    It is educational and allows artists of all disciplines to connect with each other.  The CACGV works closely with the community providing art shows, events, and festivals. I feel honored to be a member.”  -– Maureen Calkins


“The CACGV supports all arts from youth to emerging and on to professional artists.  It’s an inclusive, encouraging and mentoring organization.  I believe the CACGV is responsible for the encouragement of many artists’ careers in Victoria.”--- Claire Christinel


“CACGV is an amazing and vibrant community where you can meet other artists and share your creative vision.  It makes a huge impact on the cultural life in Victoria.” – Daciana-Oana Desi-Seulean


“The CACGV supports and encourages the local art community – with art & business related workshops, arts centre gallery display spaces; community spaces to show and sell art, and studio rentals and at affordable prices. This mandate is very important to me as an artist wanting to gain exposure in the Victoria region.”  --- Nancy Dolan


“I feel that the CACGV is the conduit for arts and culture in Greater Victoria.  They provide artists with an avenue to show case their work.  I like the direction the CACGV is taking particularly for emerging artists like myself”  --- Jan Dong


“Since being a member I have had many opportunities to become part of “community art shows”.  CACGV cares about the art community and its artists.  They support, encourage and respect.  Thanks CCACGV for all your efforts.  I have grown as an artist!” --- Judee Doyle


“I get to see the work of many artists .”  --- Justina Ewert


“The CAC is one of the most supportive organizations for artists in Greater Victoria and it offers artists numbers of wonderful opportunities for local exposure.”  --- Tom Gore


“CACGV brings community and the arts together in a variety of ways which helps to introduce all forms of art and make it accessible to the general public.  Thank you!”  ---Kathy Guthrie


“As a fairly recent member of the CACGV I am hoping to have more opportunities to learn and grow as an artist by meeting many like-minded people and discovering the great diversity and richness of our community here in Victoria.”  --- Teresa Heal


“A venue to display and sell art.  Provides information about art events.”  --- June Haynes


“The CAC is the connection with and the voice of both the established and emerging artists in Victoria.”  ---Patricia Hindmarch-Watson


“I’m happy to be involved at the CACGV as a new member in 2013.  Working in the arts in Victoria with other members of the community is an important part of my practice and personal growth.  --- Cameron Kidd


“CACGV provides a place for the community of artists—is that not a sign of a cultured society.”  ---Olga Lane


“CACGV allows emerging and well known artists to show their art in various venues throughout Victoria.”--- Faith Livingstone


“I have been a member of the CACGV for many years as I believe it is important to promote all art forms.  Art enriches our lives.”---Dixie MacUisdin


“I feel the CACGV is an excellent organization and venue for providing developing artists with opportunities to share and showcase their art within the community.  It also provides an environment where artists can meet and learn from eachother.”  ---Len Platt


“The CACGV enhances arts and culture in Victoria by making our community come alive.  They provide knowledge and participation in all arts disciplines. Thanks to this organization everyone can connect and enjoy local arts.”  --- Wendy Oppelt


“The CACGV allows me to exhibit my art work in popular and unique venues giving the exposure that every artist needs.  It also allows artists to work together at these venues, building friendships and partnerships in the art community, sharing thoughts and ideas and enhancing our own and eachothers’ abilities.” 

--- Monica Reekie


“The CACGV provides opportunity for artists in Victoria to share their art with the greater Victoria community. I think the strength of the CACGV is in supporting and engaging emerging artists of all disciplines and providing space and events for them to connect with this community.”  --- Lorna Reid


“It was fun to have pieces in the “Look” show in the spring.”  -- Donna Robertson


“I like the annual open show. It’s an opportunity for anyone to exhibit.”  --- Raymond St Arnaud


“In 1973, I received a CACGV art bursary to help pay for my first year at university, as I recall the presentation to five of us recent high school grads in Vicotria was at the offices at Bastion Square, and then we went for a small reception at Maxwell Bates' house.  I had never seen such an art library as he had?  I am working now to catch up on this legacy and to be involved in the arts and urban design community here again, after a career as a landscape architect in California.”  --- Jill M. Singleton


“The CACGV provides an opportunity for me to show my works in a people – friendly comfortable environment.  I particularly love the new gallery and have used it for a solo show.” – Sharon Stone


“The CAC provides gallery space and opportunities for artists to put their work out there for public enjoyment and artist promotion.”---Denise Sturmwind


“It is wonderful that CAC is supporting local artists in Victoria.”  ---Penny Thompson


“I have been a member of the CACGV for over 15 years, and the involvement with other artists either in the Look Show, or other art exhibitions has been a wonderful experience.  It’s one of the few venues in town where artists work, chat, and discuss their process and is wonderful, because of this.”  --- Tobias Tomlinson


“CAC is important to me because it has provided an opportunity to showcase and get much valued feedback from my friends, clients and community.”  --- Goolita Wadia-Shave


“The CACGV is important to all artists in this community and has been doing valuable work for years.  I like to support their efforts.”  --- Jenny Waelti-Walters


“The Community Arts Council is important to me as I feel it is in an unique position to further enrich the artistic fabric of our community at this time.  I look forward to being part of exciting times ahead and to contributing my time and enthusiasm to inspire more members to become involved by volunteering their time and talents.”  --- Donna K. Williams


“The CACGV provides an important service to the community, and allows artists at all levels to participate equally.”  --- Richard Wong


“The CAC builds leadership, provides a broad range of facilities, and mentors emerging artists through artist in residence programs.”  --- Bill Zuk




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