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Membership Application Form

Annual Membership Rates:

Youth (Under 19 yrs): Free
Individual - 1 Year: $40.00
Individual - 2 Year: $70.00
Group/Business: $60.00

Privacy Policy

  • We respect your privacy. We won’t use your E-mail id and name other than sending you news letter (if you have subscribed) or contact you in reference to any issue which is currently open or was open in past between you and the CACGV.
  • We won’t share your personal data e.g. E-mail id, Contact Number with any third party which is not related with the CACGV
  • We may  display some paid advertisement on the website,which may lead you to some external website.We are not responsible for the content of the external website.
  • Our newsletter will always include a link for opting out anytime. As soon as you opt-out we will remove your e-mail id from our database.

Membership & Payment Options

For your convenience there are three ways to join the CACGV:

  1. Complete and submit the form online and pay with PayPal (Current option)
  2. Complete the form online and then print it and mail it with traditional mail and pay by cheque
  3. Print the form, complete it manually and mail it with traditional mail and pay by check

If you choose the second or third options, please mail your completed form to:

Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria
3220 Cedar Hill Road, Victoria BC V8P 3Y3

Please fill out the following form and proceed to Paypal when instructed.

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BC Arts Council City of Victoria

We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia



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