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Victoria International Airport

Location:  1640 Electra Boulevard, Sidney

Hours:  Daily  3:30am - 1:30am

Please note: The Airport includes one venue: the Tim Horton's Cafe (Cafe Area).


Tim Horton's Café Area

Display Space

  • This area is in passenger check-in area, on walls of seating area beside and behind the café area.
  • Hanging rail and cable system.  There is a total of 80' (24.4 metres) of hanging rail and a total of 30 cables.  The hanging rail is 9' (3 metres) above the floor.
  • Paintings up to 3 feet (1 m) in height are suitable and allow enough clearance above seated patrons in this area.
  • Airport provides ladder and cables with locking hangers.
  • Suitable for 2D artwork only which is shared by 3 individual artists or a small group of artists.


  • Exhibitions run for three months.
  • Typically three individual artists or a small group are displayed  in the Café area.
  • All art works are subject to approval for a family-friendly, culturally diverse facility.
  • Artists must sign a standard contract before installation of the show.
  • Artists are expected to assist with the hang and strike of their show, under guidance by CACGV personnel.


  • 20% commission on all sales payable to CACGV.  The Victoria International Airport does not collect a commission.


  • Set-up and strike is on a predetermined dates.
  • Artwork must be delivered to and picked up from the airport by artists.
  • The gallery has a cable and hook hanging system.
  • Artists must attach wire on the back of their works as close to the top as possible to avoid work falling forward when hanging.
  • Artists will assist in hanging works.
  • Labels are NOT required,  the Airport staff prepare a list of all artworks on display.  Please have information available on title of work, medium, size, and contact information.  Prices cannot be displayed.


  • CACGV will promote exhibition through email newsletter, social media, online and print listings.
  • Artists are required to provide a list of titles, prices & contact info, medium, and title of work (No prices will be displayed).
  • Artists are expected to provide two photos  or their work (jpegs & PDF) and an artist statement for CACGV promotion.

Sale of Artwork

  • All sales are the responsibility of the artist, so ensure your contact information is provided.
  • Artist contact information is included in the display, but prices are not.
  • Artwork may not be removed prior to the strike of the show.

Available Bookings

Fully booked until January 2017. 





BC Arts Council City of Victoria

We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia



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