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MLA Carole James Office

 Location: 1084 Fort Street (near Cook),  Victoria

 Hours:   Mon - Fri, 10am – 4pm

Display Space

  • Art work is placed on various walls throughout the office area, including reception and meeting room.

  • Art work is hung on nails on the wall.

  • This venue is suitable for 2D artwork only by an individual artist.


  • Exhibitions run for three months and up to 20 works can be displayed.

  • All art works are subject to approval for a family-friendly, culturally diverse facility.

  • Artists must sign a standard contract before installing art.

  • If a piece is sold you must arrange to install a replacement piece. 


  • no fee for CACGV members,  $40/show for future members) administration fee to be paid in advance
  • 20% commission on all sales payable to CACGV


  •  A predetermined time will be established for hanging and striking the show.

  • Please bring your own hammer and nails, sticky gum for your title cards and any other supplies you may need to hang your work.

  • Artists will hang their own works.

    Artists must attach a wire on the back of artwork as close to the top of the back as possible to avoid work falling forward. 

  • CACGV volunteer help is dependent on availability. 


  • CACGV will promote the exhibition through e-newsletter, website, online and print listings.  
  • Artists are required to provide their own art labels, which must include contact information, medium, and title of work and price, business card sized on white card-stock or of a consistent nature.
  • Artists are expected to create an artist statement or bio (8.5” x 11”) for display & promotion and two images for promotional purposes.

Sale of Artwork

All sales are the responsibility of theartist, so include contact information on labels.

Available Bookings

Fully booked until January 2017. 



BC Arts Council City of Victoria

We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia



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