Arts Centre at Cedar Hill - Café Gallery


Location:  3220 Cedar Hill Road, Victoria

Hours:   Mon-Fri 6:30am - 10pm,  Sat/Sun 8am - 9pm

 Display Space

  • The Café Gallery is an open area adjacent to the Café inside the entrance to the Arts Centre
  • Total area of the gallery is 135 square metres (442 square feet).
  • Total length of hanging rail is 19 metres (62 feet) with about 40 hanging cables.
  • Ladder and hanging cables provided.
  • Suitable for display of 2D art work only, by individual artists or groups.


  • Exhibitions run on a two week schedule.
  • All art works are subject to approval for a family-friendly, culturally diverse facility.
  • Artists sign a standard contract before installing a show,including details of their exhibition and opening reception.
  • All artworks are to stay until the strike of the show, even if sold.


  • $60/week for CACGV members or $80/week for future members, 50% on confirming booking, and balance 4 weeks in advance of hang date
  • 20% commission payable to CACGV on all sales


  • Set-up is on predetermined date after 12 noon, and strike is on predetermined date before 12 noon.
  • The gallery has a cable and hook hanging system.
  • Attach hooks and wire on artworks as close to the top of the back as possible to avoid work falling forward when hanging.
  • Artists are responsible to install and strike their show. Volunteer help is subject to availability.

Opening Receptions

  • Opening receptions are optional, and often take place on Thursday evenings but other times are possible. 
  • Details of opening receptions must be established 4 weeks in advance of opening.
  • Artists are welcome to include music or performance as part of their opening.
  • All receptions advertised and open to the public must have Food and Beverage which has been prepared in a commercial kitchen, according to foodsafe regulations (i.e. Thrifty's platters, catering, etc).


  • CACGV will promote exhibition through email newsletter, website, online and print listings, and onsite.
  • CACGV provides a template for art labels, which include contact information, medium, title of work and price.
  • All promotional material must be approved by CACGV and include appropriate logos.  Artists create their own poster (8.5” x 11”) and send one copy in jpeg and one in PDF form 4 weeks in advance of exhibition.
  • Artists are expected to provide an artist bio, and two photos of their work (jpegs & PDF) for CACGV promotion

Sale of Artwork

  • All sales are the responsibility of the artist, so include contact information on labels.



BC Arts Council City of Victoria

We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia



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